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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Heart

(By: Fazeel 23/09/08)

My life may vanish
My pain may cherish

In the search of nourish

My life may finish

From the day my life began

My heart lived in Paris

But the day my dreams finished

My heart began to vanish

Live your life

Live your life truly

Pave your life nicely

Chase your dreams deeply

Help others keenly

To live your life happily

Friday, July 25, 2008

Broken Dreams
(By: Fazeel)

I'll forget about u
I'll forget about me
I'll forget about this world
I'll forget about each and every moment
I have treasured In the dreams

when the dreams breaks into pieces Nothing survives
Hopes and Happiness within me
took away with my broken dreams

Tried each and every day of my life
To stay constant and face the world
But each time my dreams falls apart
Only thing remains within me is pain

As people keeps on saying
Our drems are hidden behind the rocks
Only thing needed is to seek for it
And for the right dream
Keeping that on my mind
I am building hope within me
And that little hope is the only thing left on me

Reason Why I live
(By Fazeel)

From the day first I met you
You became my world, my life
You became my night my day

You started to come in my dreams
And you took away my heart

Your voice your laughter took my breath away
Now how can I live this life without you?
How can I forget you and Stop thinking about you

Now I am torn apart and lost
And this world has become a disaster for me
But Still you’re the reason why I live

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Look your past
(By: Fazeel)

Decades passed away regretting us

Giving us Deep memories of the past

Teaching us with memorable lessons

We started to chase our life

What we see we start to conceal

What in the dark start to prevail

Every moment in life becomes awkward

Every pace we take becomes a journey

A journey full of passion

On the way the lessons become our teacher

We narrate them and it builds our future

And future become our journey

We start to Paddle with a great hope

In the river of life

Hoping the thesis we wrote help on the way

But the past kept tracking us all the way

Showing us reason for our life

Forcing us to look our past

But providing a shelter of the storm ahead

Monday, April 23, 2007

Night of waxing crescent
(By: Fazeel)

It was a beautiful night of waxing crescent

I met her with lots of presents

We spend the night near the beach

Courting the stars from deep

Beautiful song that sang from wind

Blew away my fear from night

What I can see far from sight

Was the sign of moon light

When the world was asleep

I thought to release three word of sweet

But she bottle up all my words

And threw it away into deep

You left Me There
(By: Fazeel)
My eyes swelled with tears

My feet trembled in fear

As the day was so clear

I walked with you so near

The words you talked were rare

All the shriek I mad you ignore to hear

The way you looked at me was so peer

And you left me that day there
(By: Fazeel)

Life is like a never lasting dream

No one knows how it will scream

To build a better life as u dream

Construct your life with Concrete Sheets

Use your brain to clear your sight

Use mind to make it last

See your past to know your cast

Pray your god to show your path

And the Golden gates will lead your way

A Rainy Day In Sri Lanka

It’s a rainy day in Sri Lanka

21st October 2006

Non stop rain flooded lots of area

I stood out from my room,

To watch the heavy rain

It was night, but it seems like it was day

I looked up into the sky

What I can see was angry clouds,

Smashing each other creating big thunders

No moon to light up the darkness of the night

But the lightening took the job of the moon

People running back and fro, for shelter

Small kids getting pleasure from the rain

Everybody at work hurrying to go home,

To get the comfort of the night

It’s so pleasant to feel cold,

After a long time of no rain

Let’s Fly Like a Dove
(By Fazeel)

All Our Step All our Words

All Our Dreams All Our Hope

Sinking in the sea like pirate ship

Nowhere to run nowhere to go

Nowhere to hide nowhere seek

Only the battles all where surround

No peace to stare us around

Let’s fly like a dove

Deep into the sky with a Shove

Leaving our hands freely in the air

Letting the wind of joy lift us above

Singing the song of beauty to find our home

So let’s fly like a dove

Scenario of our life
(By: Fazeel)

Have you ever seen the clouds changing its color?

Changing its direction moving to a new destination

sometimes bringing hope to our thrust

sometimes giving caveat of the hot days ahead

have you ever seen the climate of the sea?

Sometimes rough sometimes smooth

Sometimes giving warning of the storm ahead

sometimes leading us to our destination

Have you ever seen a tree?

Giving its fruits rich in vitamin in different colors

Sometimes sweet sometimes sour

Sometimes no fruits at all

From all of these miraculous things we perceive

We see only one thing from all of it

And it’s scenario of our life

In the absence of you
(By: Fazeel)

For the days that have passed

In the absence of you

For the nights I counted

In the need of you

I spend that all nights near the sea

Watching waves of the rough sea

Counting the stars in the sky

Filling my heart from the birds that fly

And it all brings remembrance of you

But it all seems nothing

In the absence of you